“The Meeting Grounds” Art & Music Fest

Singer-Songwriter and Author Tom Roznowski will perform his original works at “The Meeting Grounds” at 5:00 pm on October 18, 2014. For over thirty years, Tom Roznowski has used various creative forms to explore his persistent curiosity with daily life. He has composed, performed, and recorded a multitude of original songs. They have emerged in solo albums, film soundtracks, product jingles, and cover versions from artists of various genres. Tom Roznowski has also written a long-running radio series, a documentary on Hoagy Carmichael, an Emmy-nominated public television special, and a book of historic fiction.

Native Syrian born Soulaf Abas – Professor of Art at I.S.U. will also be appearing with her work for display and sale. Soulaf is the creator of “Seen for Syria”, a project which combines art education / therapy with gardening and exchanging letters and drawings between Syrian refugee children and children in the U.S. Soulaf says: “Somehow, someday, I believe my nation will pull itself together again and we will be able to live in peace without all the violence.” In the meantime, Abas hopes that “Seen for Syria” can eventually gain enough funding to become an ongoing program providing a creative outlet for refugees from her nation who are living in Jordan and Lebanon.

Local Artist - Laura Tohill will be showing, selling and taking orders for future works. Laura, who mainly works in Charcoal media was featured in the March / April 2013 “Terre Haute Living” magazine. In addition to her “Standard” portrait work, Laura is the only known artist who can combine the ashes of a cremated loved one with her charcoal to create a tangible and lasting memorial portrait. Laura says she is frequently booked ahead, but presently can take only a few orders. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to meet and talk with her.

Doors for the event will open at 8:00 am. Music will begin at noon, Judy Green, Richard Riggs & “The Coon Holler Kids” will perform at 3:00 pm. Dave Weger at 4:00 pm and Special Guest, TOM ROZNOWSKI at 5:00 pm. Food will be available throughout the day. For Further information call Ron: 707-758-0180